The Mystical World of Islamic Geometry and Meditation
About The Session

Have you ever wondered why islamic patterns that embellish the tombs and shrines always look so similar yet they are all different?From the flowers and leaves to the geometry that adorns these sacred spaces, they have a remarkably mundane aesthetic about them, yet it intrigues the eye.Perfectly organized patterns emerge out of a seemingly chaotic composition. In these sessions we will explore the techniques and the mystical philosophies behind the emergence and popularity of Islamic art among the,sufis and the traditionalists alike.No previous experience required, just need a seeking heart.

About The Facilitator

In 2019 she completed her one-year diploma in Islamic Traditional Arts from VMCTA, an Art School affiliated with the Princes Foundation School of Traditional Arts UK (PSTA). Being an Islamic visual artist, and an art teacher she combines her mystical inclinations and meditation practice with her passion for artistic expression as a path to connecting with the Divine, the One who is nothing but beauty. She has exhibited her work in many group shows and solo shows since 2018

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